WATERVERSE is organising a session at the DataWeek 2023 event, called: “AI and Data Spaces for sustainable smart city – water and other key resources challenges“, coming up on Wednesday, 14 June from 14:00 to 15:00.

The objective of the session is to bring together scientists, researchers, policy makers, and other stakeholders to share knowledge and results, discuss topics of common interest towards the creation of a water data space, to foster collaboration between related EU projects in the disciplines of extreme data analytics, data management, and explainable machine learning on water-related data and metadata that come from different countries, in different languages and formats. Measures towards the creation of a harmonised and federated ecosystem based on the data space, focusing on the water sector and related data-driven ecosystems.

The Data Week 2023 is the spring gathering of the European Big Data and Data Driven AI research and innovation communities. In Data Week, the participants share knowledge and results, discuss topics of common interest, find synergies, build new collaborations and identify new challenges and recommendations. Data Week also links the communities and their results to the European policies and market needs and brings European initiatives and activities closer to local communities.

Data Week 2023 is co-organised by Big Data Value Association and the EUHubs4Data project in collaboration with the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). The main event of the Data Week 2023 will take place in Luleå, Sweden between 13 – 15 June 2023 with the central theme “Data Meets Infrastructure at the Edge!

You can check the full agenda at this link.