On June 19, 2024, WATERVERSE project was presented during the ICT4WATER Workshop, held during the Water Innovation Europe 2024 conference on 17-19 June in Brussels.

Gerasimos Antzoulatos, WATERVERSE project coordinator and Senior Research Associate at Information and Technologies Institute at CERTH offered an overview of the project objectives and the work achieved to prepare the ground for an European Data Space.

Fernando Lopez, FIWARE Cloud and Platform Senior Expert at FIWARE Foundation, illustrated the status of the real time flood management with FIWARE and WDME for a Smart City located in Etteln, Germany.

As this region ha been historically affected from extreme floodings, WATERVERSE aims to improve the forecast of floods through data management. To achieve this, the project recommend to:

  • Encourage cross-sector collaboration
  • Promote the reusability of the data
  • Encourage the data interoperability

You can learn more about the project Pilot 2 at the official webpage.

After the coffee break, George Millis, Systems Engineer and Consultant at PHOEBE, offered an overview of the pilot in Limassol, Cyprus, where WATERVERSE is leveraging the potential of water digital twin and water analytics tools. To find out more about the pilot, click here.