On November 15, Alfen and Etteln firefighting groups went out to flood operations on Wednesday. Due to heavy rain and a blocked storm drain, a street in Alfen was flooded and the local fire engines were alerted and cleaned the rain drains. WATERVERSE hosts its pilot #2 in the village of Etteln in the municipality of Borchen, Germany.

The Altenau in Etteln has flooded due to days of rain. “This resulted in water pushing through a pump sump into a cellar in the village,” says the Borchen fire brigade’s operational report. Since the pump provided by the residents could not handle the amount of water, the Etteln fire brigade was alerted.

The village of Etteln in the municipality of Borchen, Germany has actively invested in digital transformation during the last years, with complete FTTH (fiber to the home) coverage of the interior of the village and of 50 houses and farms in the outer area of Etteln, with the introduction of a village App and of an e-village car connected with the Internet.

However, today it is not possible to generate new findings out of the combination of the data. With the exception of gathering the data, no real data/metadata management is currently in place. Find out more the pilot case here.