Gathering user requirements is essential for creating a product or software system that meets the needs of the users, is technically feasible, and can be adapted to future needs. Further, when case studies from multiple countries are involved, they bring diverse perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and resources to organisations and projects, which can lead to more comprehensive and innovative solutions, and to better outcomes and greater value for all involved.

This is precisely why the process of gathering requirements from the six different Waterverse pilot sites has been simultaneously challenging, due to the unique nature of each pilot and country involved, and highly beneficial. Particularly,  in WATERVERSE the strategy for gathering user requirements has comprised several key steps: first, formulating targeted questions aimed at eliciting the requirements pertinent to each Case Study.

Next, organizing meetings dedicated to these case studies to collectively explore and discuss the requirements. Subsequently, meticulously documenting all the requirements identified during these sessions. Afterward, categorizing each user requirement based on its distinctive characteristics. Finally, returning to the Case Study leaders to seek validation for the gathered requirements.