On the 3rd of March 2024, the second Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) in Spain, hosted by Aguas de Torremolinos, showcased the WATERVERSE project, with a special focus on the pilot program conducted by Hidralia in the Western Costa del Sol.

During the event, Sergi Baena of Cetaqua Barcelona gave a brief overview of the WATERVERSE project and its developments, including outcomes from a Dutch case study managed by PWN. Following this, Javier Haro recapped the insights from the first MSF and outlined the progress made since. The forum also served as a platform for interactive feedback collection, aiming to identify potential opportunities and challenges as perceived by the participants.

Additionally, the MAR2PROTECT project, aimed at preventing groundwater contamination through a comprehensive approach to Managed Aquifer Recharge, was introduced by Sara Espinosa and Manuel Argamasilla of Cetaqua Andalucia. They highlighted a case study from the Western Costa del Sol, further underscoring the event’s focus on innovative water management strategies.