Over the last period, WATERVERSE has been running various exercises for the pilot located in the UK and the Netherlands, to help partners have a better comprehension of the developing services and improvements.


Here, the project will support the South West Water drinking water supply to improve real-time information to customers, in case of environmental incidents such as flooding, spills or changes in the river water quality.

A current focus area for the company (and all UK water companies) is how South West Water works towards zero spills, and as they do so, to provide more information to customers and the public of spills that are occurring, with an ambition of near real-time public information for every spill.

For more info, explore the pilot at the official webpage.

WATERVERSE Pilot 1 – The Netherlands

For the Dutch use case, partners working on a model to predict chloride levels in Lake IJssel (see the cool image below), using various publicly available datasets, but doing it in a standardized way, agreed upon by all participants in the project.

They are setting the standard for sharing water data across different companies and countries in the EU, which will ultimately enable then to create multi-system models of cross-border lakes and rivers.

For more info, explore the pilot at the official webpage.